One night

When i was 10

I am at a friends’ house and this is not just a visit. I feel excited. Guys, there is Internet! Little boxes, wires, dust (a lot of dust), weird rattling noises just to call a 055 number. Then waiting… a lot… in front of an Amiga monitor, one piece at a time the NASA website gets composed.

Ok. Wow. I am shocked.

It was 1993.

I was so convinced that I would be having my computer within that year: a 66 Mhz Intel 486 compatible PC, but nobody in my family was able to use it, least of all myself considering I was still a kid. I broke it several times, but I was making progress. I got quickly bored of Microsoft Paint and switched to Autocad LT.

It has been over 25 years and I still don’t have enough of digital technologies. My biggest regret is not being able to observe the technological evolution expected in 1,000 years from now. I wish I could be there and see how far we can get.

Fast forward, let’s get back to the present.

I have been working for the group for 10 years. Arezzo is my home.

I have been for some years the head of the User Experience department. I develop design strategies, workflows and projects together with my teams. I manage the evolution process of Morning Star, design system. My mission is to pave the way to my colleagues and their ideas. This is the manager’s task, right?

Every now and then, when no one’s looking, I invent and design. You don’t live of just videocalls, statistics and plans.

Andrea Mancini

I spend my days disassembling and rebuilding ideas.

But in the end, if they are not better than they were at the beginning, I fix things up and have a coffee. Something went wrong! No problem, I’ll try again.

Designing is a creative act. Industrializing is a technological act. Designing for companies is a complex act. Torn between what you must and what you can.

In such a storm a designer acts as a lighthouse, the need of users, since those who design to themselves should just open an art gallery.


  • Diploma in electronics and telecommunications obtained at ITIS T. Buzzi in Prato

  • Degree in Industrial Design at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Florence


Head of the UX/UI department of the group

The User Experience department has as its objective the user’s satisfaction in his/her interaction with the company. The group consists of freelancers and employees. We are expert in interaction design, interface design, illustration, statistics and data analysis, web programming and, of course, user experience. The group has twenty units now and it represents the evolution of the Graphics department which only dealt with marketing production. The group has later added a support to software development for the realization of interfaces and further created a certain synergy with the production department aimed at the definition of strategies and projects. Ergo, the department follows the development of projects from the early stage, contributing to shaping the requirements and continuing the prototyping of interfaces and flows till the collaboration with those who implement them.

Furthermore, we have been assigned the designing and programming of sale websites. Such portals are the single point of buying access. During the five years 2012-2017, together with the working group, we dealt with their successful migration from static to dynamic solutions (Kentico). In such an evolution the following features were added: Responsive design, multilanguage, use of CDNs, HTML5, SVG, JSON-LD technologies and much more.

Some examples: Aruba PEC, Arubacloud, Aruba Enterprise.

I do appreciate the smart working method, design thinking and user-centered design. I consider the support of real data, both qualitative and quantitative, as a fundamental criterion for a good designing strategy. For this reason, I have promoted and introduced the following into our company: heat maps (Crazyegg), user feedback (Usabilla), user test (TestingTime), navigation data analysis (Matomo) and market benchmarking.

Other actions that have proved to be effective were the adoption of visual and interface guide lines (2012) and the construction of an internal design system both for Web and mobile (2018-2020).

My leadership role has consolidated over the years, allowing me to increase my competence and responsibility. Till today I have created and collaborated to the creation of hundreds of projects, some of which were very appreciated by the public such as Aruba e-invoicing or certified mail, which the Group is market leader for. Other important projects are on the way.

I have successfully dealt with multiannual projects as well as with emergencies that only I was able to solve. I have built working groups carefully selecting each resource. Such groups, even after years, perform and hardly get into difficulty.

Is this enough for me? Not at all! :-)

Half marathon in Arezzo, 2017

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.

Walter Bagehot

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